Rolex Watches: Reason to Buy

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In the year of 1953, Rolex launched the first Submariner watch, and (415) 897-7572 is the first watch in the world whose waterproof depth can be as deep as 100 meters, and after that, it added the patent Three buckle lock crown to strengthen the leakproofness of the watch case to make the waterproof depth increase to 300 meters.

In the year of 1963, Rolex launched the first Daytona watch, and Daytona series watch is a chronograph meter of Rolex, and also the trophy item of every winner of every Le Mans and Rolex 24 at Daytona. On the outer bezel, it is equipped with the speedometer to accurate the speed.

In the year of 2008, Rolex launched its first DEEPSEA watch, ROLEX DEEPSEA wrist watch has a larger gauge diameter and the stronger thickness when compared with the SeaDweller watch. Wrist watch also has 3900 meters waterproof effect, it is a rolex diving watch with the extraordinary craft, and also is equipped with patent Ringlock system, the system as a nitrogen alloy inner ring, is lightweight and unbreakable. And it can handle more than 3 tons of force, and can reach to 3900 meters water depth. When environment is reliable and strong to be vital, it was deeply loved by the professional divers.

Rolex in 2012 launched the first SKY – DWELLER wrist watch, belonging to the outstanding watch for the exclusive global business travelers. The red triangle instruction is indicating the locale time; While conventional pointer indicates the time of the second time zone. Patent calendar device can intelligently distinct between the month of 31 days and 30 days, to be precise and reliable and unparalleled. Ring Command rotating outer Ring, can ensure easy setting function. Rolex showed its innovation incisively and vividly. And it had 14 patents of sophisticated technology after it was launched.

Swiss Watches: Reviews on Rolex Paul Newman Daytona

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rolex daytona replica

Time back to the 1966 or so, rolex Ref. 6239 Daytona was on sale in America and it used the “Exotic Dial” special watch dial design, the price at that time was moderate, about $219. In November 2013, on the Christie’s Daytona theme Lesson One auction, the transaction price of the Rolex Ref. 6263/6239 Daytona achieved a staggering $1,089,186! Nickname Paul Newman, it was one of the most popular watches models in the world. The initial appearance was not colorful, thanks to the American actor’s ice blue eyes, original Daytona took off the technical stereotypes, sent out an irresistible charm. Now, many collectors have been bidding only to touch the heartstring of the Rolex Daytona.

Rolex Ref.6263/6239 Daytona Paul Newman stainless steel chronograph, with the case No.2’197’870, produced in the year of 1969, and came to a the final deal of 989,000 Swiss francs($1,089,186) in the Christie’s auction.

In the mid -1960s, Rolex was committed to design the new dial for the Rolex Daytona watch. Speed meter calibration removed from disk to the watch bezel, and the timing bezel with the contrast color print to be easy to identify, making it suitable for high speed sports. At first, the disk Used red, white and black color collocation, to the early 70s it was replaced by pure black and white color. Numbers are decorative art fonts, and between with the square markers, Minutes orbit lap also was in such kind of design. Free jumping away from the tradition at the same time, the efficiency was a substance. Rolex for the new watch launched the stainless steel and 18 k gold edition, and the latter was equipped with champagne watch dial surface. For the dressy watch choice, the 18k gold Daytona is a better choice, but for the casual choice, the stainless steel is more suitable.

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Swiss Watches: Reviews on Panerai Watch Movement

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panerai replica swiss movement

For the Panerai brand, it keeps improving and innovating from all kinds of aspects, here we will learn about the changes of the Panerai watch cases and watch movements.

The Changes of Panerai Watch Case

Originally the first Luminor version can be dated back to the year of 1950. At that time, the diving watch of this series was in 47mm diameter, and it was more mellow and full than the popular Luminor watches of 44mm diameter now. To highlight the difference, a few years ago Panerai launched a watch which was similar to the original version, that was PAM 372. Now let’s turn our sight to the contemporary Luminor. It means a lot to recent history of Panerai, because in 1993, Panerai is nothing with a similar product to return to the wrist watch market. And before its joint in Vendôme group(Richemont group now), Panerai had produced a lot of Luminor watches of different versions, and the sizes shrunk to 44mm from 47mm. The watch of 44mm in diameter launched in 1993 was very bold, soon after, Panerai let the legendary watch of 47 mm in diameter appear again.

The evolution of the movement

Another major change is movement. Since 1993, Panerai carried the Unitas movement in its own Luminor series. In 2005, Panerai launched the first homemade P2002 movement, then it is a series of new movements, until 2014, P5000 manual winding was born. P5000 movement is equipped with 8 days power storage, and is thinner than Unitas movement and let Bettarini watchcase more lighter, it was also the impressive power storage that makes PAM 590 so intriguing. And there engraved the “8 giorni brevettato” on the watch dial on the Luminor Submersible which firstly produced for Egyptian navy in the year of 1950, then this series wrist watches are carrying with the Angelus 8 days movement.

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Swiss Watches: Know about Tag Heuer Brand History

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tag heuer carrera replica

In the watch world there is a saying that a watch should not have the unnecessary details! This sentence is said by the founder of the Tag Heuer Edward tag heuer – a Swiss man who successfully made the watches into art. In Switzerland, there are so many watches of different brands, but Tag Heuer with its concise and easy style of not costly and at the same time having the accuracy and excellent properties that don’t lose to any famous branded watches to be outstanding and popular all over the world. But how it the Tag Heuer watch? Here Tag Heuer will take you into another peak.

The founder of the Tag Heuer watch – Edward Tag Heuer founded his own small watch making studio in western town of SAN moxa Michael Jura mountains in Switzerland in the year of 1860, thus, the Tag Heuer watches which played an important role in the field of international luxury watches and international sports was born. Edward Tag Heuer likes sports every much in all his life and creates accurate timers. The need for precise timing of All kinds of sports competition is given to the tag heuer endless inspiration on design and technology; and the spirits of the nature of competitive sports “Challenge yourself, pursuing success, outstanding quality” more became the tag heuer brand spirit.  From its founder Edward Tag Heuer and other people in later time, this watch making factory has only one conviction in mind, that is bring the time measurement into a new level. Since the establishment of the watch factory, Tag Heuer is always the pioneer of the watchmaking industry.

Whether the watch technology, and style of design or material selection, tag heuer has created a series of model of exalted watches and has been loved by more and more people in the world.

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Panerai Radiomir PAM00503 Review

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Born in the Florence in 1860, the Panerai was famous for its precision machinery and excellent quality and it produced Precision instruments and watches for Regia Marina in the beginning to meet the needs of the Marine water work. Wrist watches of Panerai feature characteristic modeling, and the sea was its design inspiration.

Panerai PAM00503 watch perfectly combines the watch case design of the Radiomir 1940 and the P.2004 homemade movement technology, and applies the plywood decorated with hollow out processing and p. 2004/10 movement with going barrel for the first time. The overall design features both solidness and function to be minimalist and elegant. The watch case is made of platinum with a diameter of 45 mm, the cylindrical winding watch crown is engraved with Panerai embossed logo, and there sets with single press button to control the timing function at eight o ‘clock position. Panerai PAM00503 wrist watch is equipped with black dial, and also used the satin polishing, but the time display design is more simple, and all the time scales are displayed with stick types and dots, rather than Numbers. Inside the watch it is carrying p. 2004/10 manual winding movement, which is completely developed by the Panerai Neuchtel watch manufactory, and it is composed of 317 fine parts, 29 gems, with the thickness of 8.6 mm, and three going barrels to provide the extra-long power storage of eight days. It is selling at the price of ï¿¥346,300 now.

The Panerai watch is not just a simple tool, but also the inheritance and continuity of history. As a brand starting from military watches, panerai still continues the original design, without fancy shape and too much adornment, and the watches that win with the classic form will not be devalued because the passage of time. It can be said that every Panerai wrist watch is an art of time.

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This suspending masterpiece upholds the tradition of the Cartier brand, ripping the magical glamour of two manifestation modes of Cartier style – the elegant aesthetic style of Tank watches, and the unique transparent feeling of the hollow-out movement. Through the bold and concise and creative expression, Tank Louis Cartier sapphire crystal hollow wrist watch reveals the outstanding attainments of the masters of wrist watch modeling.

Tank wrist watch and transparent feeling: The essence of Cartier tabulation style

Watch ear fused together the watch case and closely connected with the watch strap, the Tank watch features unique style since its launch in 1917, which is one of the elegant model of Cartier watches modelling inheritance. Enduring but beyond the age, this classic watch from the date of birth is sending out the temperament of a real modern. At the same time, transparent feeling is an integral part of Cartier brand style, from the first mysterious clock in 1912 to hollow-out movement in the 1930 s, until the advanced tabulation masterpiece introduced recently, all of the Cartier watches have outstanding influence in the watch making industry.

Tailor-made hollow-out movement

Tank Louis Cartier sapphire crystal hollow-out wrist watch opened up a new field of vision for creative movement design, its transparent movement bottom plate is made of sapphire crystal production. This kind of transparent material is often used to make watch mirror, but beyond the conventional use in this Cartier wrist watches. This design has applied patent.

Return to the nature of its function, type 9616 MC movement consists of metal rings closely. Circular table bridge connecting the metal ring is giving Tank Louis Cartier sapphire crystal hollow-out wrist watch the beauty of harmony. Abstract art and modern style, Tank Louis Cartier sapphire crystal hollow-out wrist watch having a unique style of, is a apotheosis of technology integration with modeling.

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Even though now it is 2017, but on the 2014 SIHH , each watch brands have unveiled a number of new products of this year, famous brand Cartier tradition tabulation technology for many years brought a lot of new watches for the watches fans all over the world in the 2014, then we will arrange for you the new watches of Cartier brand in 2014 SIHH.

Cartier flowers fret inlay parrot decoration wrist watch

The rare material of this Cartier watch is noble and fresh, sensible but fragile, rich shape and texture forms bright contrasts with the twinkling color of the black agate beaks and emerald eyes. To make the black and grey feathers around the eyes more striking, the spot need to adopt micro painting process to complete one by one. Fret inlay and gem mounting of the dozens of hours can only create such a beautiful dial plate in Cartier watch shop.

Cartier ID One concept watch

Translucent BallonBleu series with the Tourbillon, it is totally the brand-new concept watch of the Cartier. Though it is the Ballon Bleu modeling, it used unprecedented new materials not matter in watch case or watch movement, and the watch case is made of niobium titanium alloy material, and balance spring made of Zérodur glass ceramics featuring very low thermal expansion coefficient. And the balance wheel is made of Carbon Crystal which is transparent.

Calibre de Cartier diving wrist watch

Stiffness of the line, solid crust, unique structure, Calibre de Cartier watches launched in 2010 is full of self-confident masculinity, which is a landmark masterpiece of new generation of Cartier. The watch dial is adopted with distinctive Roman numeral time scale and flange ring to reinterpret the Cartier’s classic design elements with strong consistency style. In 2014, the Calibre deCartier diving watches came out the world will open brand new chapter for this series wrist watch.

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replica audemars piguet
replica audemars piguet

The replica Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Concept GMT shows second time zone and the time in the second time zone could adjust through the button at the 4 o’clock. When we come to the movement, Royal Oak Concept GMT is fitted with a 2930 movement that can guarantee 10 days’ work. And the two barrels in series makes the movement work more smooth and reduce the pressure from the driven system, thus improving the precision and reliability.

There are 85 components in the tourbillon but only weighs 0.45 grams. So even a watches maker with tons of experience would take three days to assemble it. The frame alone would take two days to place it and the whole process would last long as two weeks. Audemars Piguet, as one of few brands that master the every details on making complication watches, has over 25 different tourbillons.

In addition, the titanium material that is applied to the middle part of the case and edges of sapphire is also tough, and light. It is a great advantage for such a 44mm-size case, but it won’t cause any difficulty to wrist. The inner side of the bezel is made of light aluminum, showing replica Audemars Piguet’s excellence in mastering materials. The whole polishing process is completely rely on master watch artisan.

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Panerai Watches: Reviews on PAM00505 and PAM00388

PAM00505 – While 47 mm Radiomir is very attractive, there is a problem, that is, there is no stainless steel material of digital calibration watch among 47 mm style watches of Panerai Radiomir (it is perfect if 421 has steel watch), so those who like both digital calibration and also want 47 mm size can only choose other Panerai watches. Although the hope of the 47 mm will not be possible come true temporarily, Panerai seems to be very honestly to offer the other two sizes of digital scale stainless steel watches, with the size is 45 mm and 42 mm respectively, because this watch has no watch ear, it doesn’t really look big after wearing on, so the 42 mm Panerai Radiomir can be classified as woman’s watch at present.

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PAM00388 – among all the Radiomir watches of 45 mm size, historical version is not currently in the design of special populist, or it can be said polarization, either 10 chain, timing clock, the sky the tourbillon, or sell machine, so as an ordinary consumer, we can only to transfer to the modern version. The good news is that the modern version of the Radiomir only has three watches, and 45 mm only two, it is relatively easy to choose, the two watches are 505 and 388 respectively. Although the outer coating layer of 505 aluminum ceramic will fall off when meeting alcohol, but as a result of this watch for deeply processing, with permeability is relatively well, it has great vision effect when wearing on your wrist.

PAM00388 can be said a most popular wrist watch and the best sellers among the Radiomir series, except that the unperfect 45mm size, other elements are complete-Classic type pillow case, Digital calibration of sandwich watch dial, small second pointer, calendar etc.In addition, this PAM00388 is carrying with the homemade p. 9000 automatic watch movement of Panerai, with 3 days power storage, two-way chain and balance wheel equipped with adjustable screw.

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Swiss Watches: Reviews on Audemars Piguet Royal Oak 26402CE.OO.A002CA.01

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replica watches swiss

Audemars Piguet royal oak offshore series is a model of sport watch, which not only inherited the royal oak offshore series, but also boldly adopted a lot of innovative material, and has released a lot of excellent watches. Here we will recommend one of the top sales of audemars Piguet royal oak series – audemars Piguet 26402CE.OO.A002CA.01 wrist watch replica.

When talking to the Audemars Piguet watches, we will also discuss its classic royal oak series watches, because of the royal oak, each wrist watch of the audemars become works of art, which is full of the Wonderful artical excelling nature of intelligence and consummate craft of the tabulation masters. Began in 1972, the representative masterpieces Royal Oak series of the Audemars Piguet watches, pioneered the pure steel quality, and the world advanced movement wrist watch with its inherent artistic temperament, the so-called pure steel sold for the price of gold. And the Royal oak offshore series launched in 1993 became the motion model of wrist watch, which not only inherited the classic elements of royal oak, equipped with rubber strap, but also began to lead a wave of trend of large size wrist watches belong to offshore series. And, replica audemars piguet has not been constraint by the originally pure steel material selection, but boldly use a variety of innovative materials to keep launching new watches all the time.

 This Audemars Piguet 26402CE.OO.A002CA.01 wrist watch is a man’s automatic mechanical watch, from royal oak to royal oak offshore, classic octagon appearance is preserved, 44 mm big watch size, plus black ceramic’s deep and tough texture, this Audemars Piguet wrist watch brings a person a kind of deep and domineering feeling peculiar to man . The Eight steel nailsins set on the Octagon watchcase’s eight Angles became an another highly recognizable symbol of this Audemars Piguet series.